The Doorway to Revolution

The Magic Moment meets the Tipping Point.

Every revolution, no matter how big or small, is brewed in frustration, until the frustration creates a crisis of conscience. That’s when the anger of being subjugated, meets the moment of realization that the full potential of the subject has not been tapped into. The subject realizes that there are more choices, even though those choices are less desirable/ more uncomfortable.  That moment is the moment when revolution begins. Even if the subject doesn’t exercise their full range of opposing force, at that very moment, the domino of that chain of events has already started to tip over.

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite writers, because he likes to look at the obverse side of the status quo perspective. In the Tipping Point, he talks about how small things become a big thing, or a phenomenon.

I also remember reading a book years ago that spoke of a magic moment, when someone believes they are gaining a benefit or a desired or expected outcome, when they will be open to being taken advantage of. The focus on the outcome and belief of the outcome obscures the possibility of the present.

Magicians often use the magic moment, the expectation of outcome, to distract from the possibility of the instant. 
Politicians, and their lackeys, Bureaucrats, use this same Magic Moment to rape you blind.

Up until recently, it seems to have been societally accepted without a lot of resistance. Things are starting to change, however, and the rape and pillage of the right of self-determination is becoming more visible, and constant.

Self-Determination, in it’s most pure form, exists in the right to BE without harming another. Many “crimes” today are victimless on the part of the Plaintiff (The State), in that there is no one actually harmed by the Defendant. The Defendant has become the constant victim of tyranny and political plundering. Frederic Bastiat speaks of this in his famous work “The Law”.

Aaron Swartz also perfectly presents a solution in his work “Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto”.


Civil Disobedience has been tried, and this author applauds it continuing to be a variable in the playbook to foment revolution.

But, it’s timely, and perhaps even morally and ethically responsible to admit that CRIMINAL disobedience is a valid variable of resource in the playbook of revolution. Our forefathers embraced it. They could have been hung. Further, EVERYONE is a criminal now, whether they realize it or not. You could be charged with one or more crimes at this very moment, including the bullshit crimes of “resisting arrest” (if you choose to disagree) or “contempt of court” (If you challenge the judge in a way that makes them feel incompetent).

You’re already a criminal. You know it. It’s what keeps you docile and afraid of doing more.

Every time “authority” comes up to you to punk you for some bullshit, victimless crime, whether it is for not wearing a seatbelt, or for possession of weed, or skating in some place where an authority figure gets their panties in a wad.

Do you pay income taxes, voluntarily? Maybe it’s time to look at the facts, and see that there’s no evidence that you have anything called “taxable income” unless you admit to it.

Do you speed, or run red lights when there’s no one there, or do you wear your seatbelt when you feel like it’s more of a bother than an asset? has changed my life. Using the Socratic method of questioning, I’ve learned that I’m already free, and how to question any and all claims otherwise.

There are, in the doctrines of law, two kinds of wrongs – mala in se, and mala prohibita.

mala in se –  things that are wrong by nature (or undeniably wrong), such as rape and murder

mala prohibita – things (separate from mala in se) that are wrong because someone else SAYS they are wrong, or things that are wrong according to the opinion of others. These are things like speeding, not paying taxes, not wearing a seatbelt, or consuming a substance that may be categorized as “illegal.”

I would posit that it’s time to look at EVERY action you take on a regular basis, and if it doesn’t feel good to be a “law abiding citizen”, then change your knowledge bank to the point that you can act in a free manner regardless of the fear programming that is all around you.

I’ve been watching videos of skateboarders that are harassed by people and/or the police. It’s encouraging to watch these young minds resist control by someone merely on an authority trip. 

I’m doing my part to thump the domino. Care to join me?


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