• You trust a government to police itself and keep its power in check; and/or
  • You need someone to explain to you how “law enforcement officer” has become an expired title that needs to be replaced with “egomaniacal sociopath”; and/or
  • You don’t understand, even remotely, how the history of police brutality is disproportionately balanced because the prosecutors, judges and justices are in on this bullshit, and their only goal is to preserve the system, and the “appearance” of fairness, rather than actual fairness; and/or
  • You don’t see the gross unfairness in giving a paid vacation to a cop that has shot an unarmed victim, or body slammed an unarmed teenager, when if it were you or me, we’d be arrested, and left in jail to sort it out; and/or
  • You don’t see the problem with having corrupt judges with total immunity from accountability for their actions; and/or
  • You have a problem understanding why cops are shot on the street “for no reason” when the reasons abound ad nauseum; and/or
  • You don’t understand how the badge, and the acts of bad cops are fungible upon and with those cops that claim to be “good cops” (but do nothing to stop evil acts); and
  • You forget that there was a time when our forefathers grew tired of this same bullshit oppression, bullying, and constant threat, and they SHOT the motherfuckers who were the source, regardless of the “legality” of that outcome; and/or
  • You need a government to tell you what is morally and ethically right or wrong; and/0r
  • You passively agree that cops like the one in the story above are above reproach because they are just “doing their job”; and/or
  • You forget that you need no further permission than the Declaration of Independence that tells you that it is your right to throw off such a government; and/or
  • Throwing off an armed force doesn’t happen at a protest where tear gas, LRAD, riot police, dogs, rubber bullets, and SWAT are ready for your unarmed ass, or in a courtroom where a judge can hold you in “contempt” if you hurt their fragile egos, but rather on the street or in a driveway or in a shopping center parking lot where all of the above variables are reversed,

Then, by all means, keep going in the produce/consume cycle, and act as if nothing is wrong.

And, congratulations. You’re a total dumbass.

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom