Rule Four – Know, and/or DOCUMENT Your Remedy (Solution).

In the four rules, they are all equally important. This one, however, is my favorite.

To know your remedy, you have to start at the beginning. How did you get into this situation? Where did it start? What was the catalytic chain of events that brought you to this place, and what is the way out?

This rule will require a great deal of work on your part. You’ll have to go back, look at the beginning of wherever your problem seems to have originated, and then place every piece of the puzzle under the microscope of critical thinking.

It will require you sending well-written, socially engineered letters to those bureaucratic agencies that claim to rule you. When you put things in writing, it changes things into evidence. Conversely, when you just make a phone call, or have a conversation without documenting it (video or audio), then what you have is NON-evidence. There’s no proof of the conversation.

When you write a letter, and send it by registered mail, with pre-payment for public records costs, or pre-paid postage, and then bind them to action upon that payment in trust and good faith, it creates a dynamic that demands performance by the bureaucrat that is your adversary. It’s a TABLE TURNER.

I’m an expert with writing socially engineered letters that document the facts. It’s one of the few times on this site that I’ll toot my own horn, but I am available for consultation on this matter, so if this is something you’re going to do, contact me, and let’s set up a program that works for you.