Rule Three – NEVER Argue.

Arguing is a natural psychological response when someone accuses you of something. It’s programmed as the right thing to do. Defend yourself. This, however, is the way to dig your hole deeper, faster, and more perfectly than your enemy imagined, all while they are watching you bury yourself.

Arguing shifts the burden of proof to YOUR shoulders. When you argue, you are making one or more claims… “I didn’t” or “It wasn’t me” or whatever you are arguing. STOP IT.

When the impulse to argue arises, let it be a trigger to think “What question can I counter with that will keep the burden of proof on the shoulders of my accuser?”

That is the place of power, and it is Rule number 4.




Rule Two – Know Who Has The Burden Of Proof.

Burden of Proof. [External link]

In the American “criminal justice” system (and I use the words very lightly, and in complete sarcasm), the burden of proof of a criminal act lies with the claimant.

When someone approaches with some claim of an absolute thing that compromises my freedom or peaceful existence, I now know that they are with the burden of proving this. What usually happens, is that they expect me to (1) accept their claim without question, and (2) even help them prove it by making admissions that support their claim.

Watch just one episode of COPS, and you’ll see this in action. Cops make the accusations, they expect the public to agree with the accusations, and they expect the accused to agree with, and support their accusations by making damning admissions.

It’s time to fuck that program up.

  • “Do you know why I pulled you over?” 
  • “Are you the guy that was over there __________ [fill in the blank with whatever accusation is pertinent]?”
  • What are you doing? (random cop walk up when you’re not committing a crime)

All of the above scenarios and more deserve to be addressed with TOTAL POWER. Most of the time, there is a programmed response of unquestioned compliance, and conformity to the construct of so-called “authority”.

“Go along to get along.” “Don’t question authority.” BULLSHIT.

It’s time to change that.

When you are accused, or inferences are given that you’re guilty, there’s a few ways to handle it. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, unless you’re asking questions. Then, know the right questions to ask.

More to come.

Rule One – Know Who You Are

Know who you are.

In the move The Matrix, there was a sign above the doorway of the kitchen as Neo walked in to meet the Oracle the first time. The sign said Temet Nosce, or know thyself.

Most of us have no idea who the fuck we are. I asked a friend that had long walked the path of self-discovery and self-determination, how he classified himself as an identity. His response was something I will hopefully remember forever. He said “I don’t identify, unless there is a proven benefit in doing so.”

I also remember talking with a friend that had been gang-raped by 8 guys. This friend had her power, and she was free from being a victim. I asked her how she did this. She said “I didn’t make it my identity.” WOW. She didn’t let it define her.

We are all free-flowing. Every moment is a new chance to reinvent ourselves.


When we are born,  (issued from our parents), the State issues a certificate of live birth, but they keep the original, because they are the issuer. They offer you a copy, however, and this copy is an offer of an IDENTITY (ID – entity). Most people readily accept the identity, and enter the cycle of produce-consume that feeds the FEDERAL RESERVE and IMF.  You can never obtain the original, only a copy.

Then, a Social Security card is issued


First, they tell you that the card doesn’t belong to you. They tell you that it’s not YOURS. Then, they tell you that you must return it if they ask for it…

Then, they ask for it. (“If you find a card that isn’t yours, please return it to:”)

And yet, you still have this in your possession, and you claim that it’s “yours.” You’ve been hoodwinked.


To learn who you really are, you’ll have to question everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

Rudyard Kipling said it best when he wrote:

“I KEEP six honest serving-men
 (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When 
 And How and Where and Who.”

Questioning everything will tell you who you are NOT. You, and you alone are with the power to determine  WHO YOU ARE.


How To Turn The Tables

Fact. America, at least the America that we grew up with in the 70’s is gone. It has been replaced with a fear-based control construct of rampant police state power, judges that knowingly abuse their power, and all of this is done without accountability.

Our forefathers finally grew tired of these sorts of things, to the point that they just started shooting the fuckers. While I would applaud such an event happening, this site, and the information contained hereon is absent the encouragement to do such a thing. (That’s just to cover my ass, y’unnerstand.)


First, it’s advisable to reach a point of cognitive dissonance. This is a place where your belief system is challenged to the point of instability. It’s the place where you finally have permission within to question EVERYTHING you’ve ever been told. If you’re pissed off enough, you should be able to act

Here’s an example of cognitive dissonance:

She’s had enough of bullying. Her actions reflect that.

Second, you’ll need to learn the rules. There are all kinds of places to learn them, but I’ve tried to streamline them for you. These have worked incredibly well for me and others. Each rule is linked, because there’s an explanation for each rule.

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know who has the burden of proof.
  3. NEVER argue.
  4. Know, and/or DOCUMENT your remedy (solution).

When you know the rules, and you memorize these as written, to create a filter for you to run processes and events through, you can eliminate most, if not all of the bullshit in your life.

Third, you’ll have a period of seasoning before the rules become more automatic.

Regardless of how you choose to live your life, you’ll have to work through the challenges of your newfound liberty clashing with control constructs.  If you get a traffic ticket? You’ll have to learn the way out of it. If you get challenged for non-compliance to what everyone else just willingly submits to, this is another navigation opportunity to move past control constructs.

Fourth, and this is optional, but I’d really like you to take part in this, there is the matter of shining the light on those who demand compliance while they hide in an unaccountable position. This is called muckraking. Exposing corruption. Publishing and/or sharing that information.

I want to make a searchable database of judges, law enforcement, and other bureaucrats, even down to the flunkie on the front desk at the clerk of court’s office, and have information on where they live, what property they own (how appetizing they are for litigation), and other information that may help expose corruption or conflicts of interest. This information is usually required to be available by law, so much of it is public information, but it just stays hidden because people don’t know how to look for it, or expose it. Here, you’ll find educational information on how to find the information, and a resource here to post and/or share that information with others who may benefit from table turning.

Let’s get to it.