Oregon Appeals Court says F*CK Disabled Persons.


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USDC District of Oregon – A Pond Full Of Scum.


Here are the files to my case:

First, the Complaint.

Then, the Motion  to Recuse Youlee You

Then, the infamous Order by Marco Hernandez.

My Response to the City Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss in Part.

EXHIBIT A of My Response, (A Motion for Auxiliary Aid that I filed on 9-29-2017)

EXHIBIT B_NOTARIZED Declaration by Dr. Karin Huffer

EXHIBIT C_Wayback Machine (Showing that the Court has moved a document that I referenced in my papers)

EXHIBIT D_Citation 2-20-18 (Showing that the City is NOT going to give me peace even while this is in federal court.)

EXHIBIT E_Gmail – OMG (Email to Assistant Deputy City Attorney Ashley Carter, expressing fear at the City continuing to intimidate, harass, and induce fear while a court case is in motion.)

EXHIBIT F_U.S. District Court – District of Oregon_CM:ECF Help PAGE NOT FOUND (Showing that the District of Oregon’s CM/ECF pages are not displaying)

Guide To Judiciary Policy stating that they are to give auxiliary aid to persons with communication disabilities. (See Section 255)

If you want a fair adjudicator, stay AWAY from Oregon.



Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E Gmail – OMG

Exhibit F

guide_vol05_0 (1)

Plaintiff’s Response to MTD




Cops Regularly Break The Law. Turn The Tables.

Absent intent as legal advice. For education, information, and entertainment only.

I’ve seen this happen over and over on copwatch and first amendment audit videos. A cop walks up and threatens the videographer with jail for some bullshit reason. The cop either alleges that videoing is illegal, or refusing to ID is illegal, or refusing to answer questions is illegal. Sometimes, the videographer actually gets arrested. Well, I decided to show you that there’s a table turn here. Since this video is in Texas, I looked up the penal code for unlawful restraint, but this is mirrored in many states.

Here’s the video of the cop breaking the law (in my opinion, and seemingly, in the opinion of the legislature of Texas.)

This cop says “You prolly gonna end up going to jail, cause right now you’re witnessing a crime.” (See above video at around 1:44)

He then threatens that failing to ID is a jailable offense, and keeps threatening to jail the videographer. Every one of these threats is a crime…


Here’s what the Texas Penal Code has to say about this…


Sec.20.01. DEFINITIONS. In this chapter:
(1)”Restrain” means to restrict a person’s movements

without consent, so as to interfere substantially with the person’s liberty, by moving the person from one place to another or by confining the person. Restraint is “without consent” if it is accomplished by:

(A) force, intimidation, or deception 

The moment this deputy posited the above threat of probable jail, the deputy committed a misdemeanor against Phillip (The Battousai) according to Title 5, Chapter 20 of the Texas Penal Code.

Sec. 20.02. UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly restrains another person.

(c) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor

The deputy ONLY has a defense if he lawfully detains or arrests someone. Otherwise, he’s committing an offense under this section, according to 20.02(d)

(d) It is no offense to detain or move another under this section when it is for the purpose of effecting a lawful arrest or detaining an individual lawfully arrested.

The deputy used force (the badge, gun are vi et armis – by force of arms)

The deputy used intimidation, because “any reasonable person” would be intimidated by a threat of being jailed, and exponentially so if the threat of jail was for ONLY the arbitrary opinion (not factual or legal basis of law) of the deputy.

The deputy used deception, because going to jail for witnessing a crime is not an operation of Texas law. He flat out lied.

So, in this case, it is TRUE that the videographer just witnessed a crime. The crime is being unlawfully restrained by the deputy. And the deputy was kind enough to do it on film. If I were the videographer, I’d immediately proceed to the magistrate (by registered mail, and with a copy of the video) with a sworn criminal complaint, and if the magistrate didn’t act to arrest the deputy and charge him, I’d then move against the magistrate and the deputy to the district attorney, and then to the attorney general.

It’s not okay for a cop to commit a crime against you.

When they continue to assert that witnessing a crime is a cause for a duty to identify, it’s time to ask them WHERE this is written in law. They assert “We don’t do anything wrong.” BULLSHIT.

If you can’t get someone to prosecute them, this should be an easy civil slam dunk.

Sue them individually and personally for acting under the color of law to deprive you of your rights.

Some helpful questions:

  1. Are you conducting an investigation?
  2. Do I have a legal duty to assist you in your investigation, or do I have the right to remain silent?


For more information, see more of this blog, and/or visit the youtube channel:



The POWER of Anomaly


YOU are a stupid motherfucker.  This will either offend you, or it will liberate you…

Wait! I just gave you the key to escape. Is your ego riled, keeping you from seeing the truth? Or, did you just see the possibility in my opening statement?

I was given a good education, er, programming. The programming didn’t take for matters of control, however. When we lost our house and the 80% equity that we had in it, it caused me to look at where the crux of the matter of control is.

I became a stupid motherfucker. I found the power in asking socially engineered questions that shut down the game of control. I found the power in NOT knowing. I found the power in DISclaiming, while others around me demanded that I CLAIM some status, absolute, or position.

We are taught to fit in, to look normal, to not rock the boat… And that boat is floating ONLY with our silent, compliant acquiescence to what we are told are our choices.

I no longer consider myself a Christian, perhaps quite the opposite. But, there is much esoteric truth in this passage from John chapter one. I’ve added emphasis to show the magic.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was GodThe same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him [the WORD]; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

The WORD is the creative force for everything.

When I left Christianity, I had to reconcile my exit with the belief system that I had been indoctrinated into. Fucked up, I know. But I had to use the rules to escape the rules. I had to become a stupid motherfucker. And if there was no absolute answer (and there isn’t, where words are used, because words are fluid in interpretation), then I was free from being absolutely held to the belief system that demanded my absolute compliance.

Proverbs chapter six says it best:

“My son, if thou be surety for thy friend, if thou hast stricken thy hand with a stranger, Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth. Do this now, my son, and deliver thyself, when thou art come into the hand of thy friend; go, humble thyself, and make sure thy friend. Give not sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids. Deliver thyself as a roe from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler.”

The author of Proverbs (Alleged to be Solomon, the wisest man ever), advises against being a surety (guarantor). He advises to go check the facts, if there is even a doubt, and to even avoid sleeping until one delivers themselves from the snare.

I don’t remember the first time I was a stupid motherfucker. I do know that my parents’ beatings, abuse, and demand for compliance didn’t work. It especially disconnected me from the claim of “I love you” while the beatings were being delivered.

The theft of our home by a government that was supposed to dispense equal protection of the law was a catalytic point for my escape from claiming that I was smart, normal, and “okay”. I realized that being a stupid motherfucker was my key to escape. Asking questions with the Socratic method was a way to expose the harsh reality of absolute evil in the system of control.

I set about to right much that had been presumed and/or admitted. I formed, and DISclaimed my agreement with, and/or understanding of the hook words that societal government uses to herd us into presumed loyalty/obedience.

generic-disclaimer-p1 (Click for full size)


I began giving notice that I was a stupid motherfucker. Instead of claiming “I know my rights!”, I started asking what my rights are. “Do I have a legal duty to assist you in your investigation, and, if so, what is the origin of that duty?”

Learn to be a stupid motherfucker.

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know who has the burden of proof.
  3. NEVER argue.
  4. Know, and/or document your remedy (solution).

Muckraking. Turning The Lights On The Cockroaches…

So, after you know the rules, how do you go about exposing the corruption that goes on in bureaucracy and the so-called “justice” system?

Document that shit. Ask for the information through proper channels, and when the information is received, look at it critically, or if it isn’t received, expose the fact that you paid for it up front, asked in the way their statutes require, and you didn’t receive the information that they are sworn to dispense upon request.


When this information is easily available to the public with an internet search, the cockroaches are exposed. Their neighbors and/or other concerned members of the populace can watch them closer, looking for things that are problematic. Is the cop growing illegal weed in his back yard? Having an affair? Bullying the neighbors?

Is the judge meeting with power-brokers that he is also adjudicating cases for?  

Having their home address and property ownership information easily available is a goal of this site.  Many municipalities have online access to land records, but most tax records for personal property is harder to get online. It IS available, but one has to know how to walk in their office and ask for the information. I’ll be doing videos on this subject matter.


  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR’s) [External Link] are public record, but few ask for these reports.
  • Emails that are exchanged on governmental servers are most often public information. (Asking for this information is a really excellent way to both remind them that they are the servant, and to see their communication on a system where they are more comfortable talking freely.) There will be information here that is inadvertent and perhaps embarrassing, if not criminal.
  • Disciplinary records could be public records. If so, ask for them.
  • Phone call logs. These can provide valuable information. Also, ask if the affected parties (cops, bureaucrats or other public trough feeders) are on a group plan that is only offered to their department from the service provider (cell service, data jetpacks from Verizon, etc.)
  • Radio traffic. Hell, ask for all of it. It’s public record.
  • Dash cam footage.
  • Court records. If there are cases that the party has (a) been a party, or (b) testified in, ask them to produce the record on this information or at least tell you where it can be found (case numbers, etc)
  • Oaths of office, Notices of candidacy, and/or election results. (This is a path to exposing that someone IN office doesn’t have a proper oath of office. In some states, this is a crime.)


First, search, and read your state’s Public Records Act. It’s the first step in finding out your rights in requesting, and their duties in delivering public records.

Then, search the state statutes or codes for:

  • “Custodian”
  • “County Records”
  • “Oaths of Office”
  • “Public Records”
  • “Candidacy”
  • “Election” 

This should point you to the information you need to find out what official is the custodian of records, public information, and oaths of office. Once you find one crack in the foundation, look harder. There’s more. Always.


I can coach you through this, if you want that service.

Rule Two – Know Who Has The Burden Of Proof.

Burden of Proof. [External link]

In the American “criminal justice” system (and I use the words very lightly, and in complete sarcasm), the burden of proof of a criminal act lies with the claimant.

When someone approaches with some claim of an absolute thing that compromises my freedom or peaceful existence, I now know that they are with the burden of proving this. What usually happens, is that they expect me to (1) accept their claim without question, and (2) even help them prove it by making admissions that support their claim.

Watch just one episode of COPS, and you’ll see this in action. Cops make the accusations, they expect the public to agree with the accusations, and they expect the accused to agree with, and support their accusations by making damning admissions.

It’s time to fuck that program up.

  • “Do you know why I pulled you over?” 
  • “Are you the guy that was over there __________ [fill in the blank with whatever accusation is pertinent]?”
  • What are you doing? (random cop walk up when you’re not committing a crime)

All of the above scenarios and more deserve to be addressed with TOTAL POWER. Most of the time, there is a programmed response of unquestioned compliance, and conformity to the construct of so-called “authority”.

“Go along to get along.” “Don’t question authority.” BULLSHIT.

It’s time to change that.

When you are accused, or inferences are given that you’re guilty, there’s a few ways to handle it. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, unless you’re asking questions. Then, know the right questions to ask.

More to come.