USDC District of Oregon – A Pond Full Of Scum.


Here are the files to my case:

First, the Complaint.

Then, the Motion  to Recuse Youlee You

Then, the infamous Order by Marco Hernandez.

My Response to the City Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss in Part.

EXHIBIT A of My Response, (A Motion for Auxiliary Aid that I filed on 9-29-2017)

EXHIBIT B_NOTARIZED Declaration by Dr. Karin Huffer

EXHIBIT C_Wayback Machine (Showing that the Court has moved a document that I referenced in my papers)

EXHIBIT D_Citation 2-20-18 (Showing that the City is NOT going to give me peace even while this is in federal court.)

EXHIBIT E_Gmail – OMG (Email to Assistant Deputy City Attorney Ashley Carter, expressing fear at the City continuing to intimidate, harass, and induce fear while a court case is in motion.)

EXHIBIT F_U.S. District Court – District of Oregon_CM:ECF Help PAGE NOT FOUND (Showing that the District of Oregon’s CM/ECF pages are not displaying)

Guide To Judiciary Policy stating that they are to give auxiliary aid to persons with communication disabilities. (See Section 255)

If you want a fair adjudicator, stay AWAY from Oregon.



Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E Gmail – OMG

Exhibit F

guide_vol05_0 (1)

Plaintiff’s Response to MTD





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