Rule Two – Know Who Has The Burden Of Proof.

Burden of Proof. [External link]

In the American “criminal justice” system (and I use the words very lightly, and in complete sarcasm), the burden of proof of a criminal act lies with the claimant.

When someone approaches with some claim of an absolute thing that compromises my freedom or peaceful existence, I now know that they are with the burden of proving this. What usually happens, is that they expect me to (1) accept their claim without question, and (2) even help them prove it by making admissions that support their claim.

Watch just one episode of COPS, and you’ll see this in action. Cops make the accusations, they expect the public to agree with the accusations, and they expect the accused to agree with, and support their accusations by making damning admissions.

It’s time to fuck that program up.

  • “Do you know why I pulled you over?” 
  • “Are you the guy that was over there __________ [fill in the blank with whatever accusation is pertinent]?”
  • What are you doing? (random cop walk up when you’re not committing a crime)

All of the above scenarios and more deserve to be addressed with TOTAL POWER. Most of the time, there is a programmed response of unquestioned compliance, and conformity to the construct of so-called “authority”.

“Go along to get along.” “Don’t question authority.” BULLSHIT.

It’s time to change that.

When you are accused, or inferences are given that you’re guilty, there’s a few ways to handle it. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, unless you’re asking questions. Then, know the right questions to ask.

More to come.


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