Muckraking. Turning The Lights On The Cockroaches…

So, after you know the rules, how do you go about exposing the corruption that goes on in bureaucracy and the so-called “justice” system?

Document that shit. Ask for the information through proper channels, and when the information is received, look at it critically, or if it isn’t received, expose the fact that you paid for it up front, asked in the way their statutes require, and you didn’t receive the information that they are sworn to dispense upon request.


When this information is easily available to the public with an internet search, the cockroaches are exposed. Their neighbors and/or other concerned members of the populace can watch them closer, looking for things that are problematic. Is the cop growing illegal weed in his back yard? Having an affair? Bullying the neighbors?

Is the judge meeting with power-brokers that he is also adjudicating cases for?  

Having their home address and property ownership information easily available is a goal of this site.  Many municipalities have online access to land records, but most tax records for personal property is harder to get online. It IS available, but one has to know how to walk in their office and ask for the information. I’ll be doing videos on this subject matter.


  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR’s) [External Link] are public record, but few ask for these reports.
  • Emails that are exchanged on governmental servers are most often public information. (Asking for this information is a really excellent way to both remind them that they are the servant, and to see their communication on a system where they are more comfortable talking freely.) There will be information here that is inadvertent and perhaps embarrassing, if not criminal.
  • Disciplinary records could be public records. If so, ask for them.
  • Phone call logs. These can provide valuable information. Also, ask if the affected parties (cops, bureaucrats or other public trough feeders) are on a group plan that is only offered to their department from the service provider (cell service, data jetpacks from Verizon, etc.)
  • Radio traffic. Hell, ask for all of it. It’s public record.
  • Dash cam footage.
  • Court records. If there are cases that the party has (a) been a party, or (b) testified in, ask them to produce the record on this information or at least tell you where it can be found (case numbers, etc)
  • Oaths of office, Notices of candidacy, and/or election results. (This is a path to exposing that someone IN office doesn’t have a proper oath of office. In some states, this is a crime.)


First, search, and read your state’s Public Records Act. It’s the first step in finding out your rights in requesting, and their duties in delivering public records.

Then, search the state statutes or codes for:

  • “Custodian”
  • “County Records”
  • “Oaths of Office”
  • “Public Records”
  • “Candidacy”
  • “Election” 

This should point you to the information you need to find out what official is the custodian of records, public information, and oaths of office. Once you find one crack in the foundation, look harder. There’s more. Always.


I can coach you through this, if you want that service.


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