Rule One – Know Who You Are

Know who you are.

In the move The Matrix, there was a sign above the doorway of the kitchen as Neo walked in to meet the Oracle the first time. The sign said Temet Nosce, or know thyself.

Most of us have no idea who the fuck we are. I asked a friend that had long walked the path of self-discovery and self-determination, how he classified himself as an identity. His response was something I will hopefully remember forever. He said “I don’t identify, unless there is a proven benefit in doing so.”

I also remember talking with a friend that had been gang-raped by 8 guys. This friend had her power, and she was free from being a victim. I asked her how she did this. She said “I didn’t make it my identity.” WOW. She didn’t let it define her.

We are all free-flowing. Every moment is a new chance to reinvent ourselves.


When we are born,  (issued from our parents), the State issues a certificate of live birth, but they keep the original, because they are the issuer. They offer you a copy, however, and this copy is an offer of an IDENTITY (ID – entity). Most people readily accept the identity, and enter the cycle of produce-consume that feeds the FEDERAL RESERVE and IMF.  You can never obtain the original, only a copy.

Then, a Social Security card is issued


First, they tell you that the card doesn’t belong to you. They tell you that it’s not YOURS. Then, they tell you that you must return it if they ask for it…

Then, they ask for it. (“If you find a card that isn’t yours, please return it to:”)

And yet, you still have this in your possession, and you claim that it’s “yours.” You’ve been hoodwinked.


To learn who you really are, you’ll have to question everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

Rudyard Kipling said it best when he wrote:

“I KEEP six honest serving-men
 (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When 
 And How and Where and Who.”

Questioning everything will tell you who you are NOT. You, and you alone are with the power to determine  WHO YOU ARE.



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